The StoP-AD Centre is part of important initiatives and regroups research teams and consultants from many institutions 

   Neuroimaging (MRI, PET, MEG)

 Genetics and biochemistry

 Cognitive and behavioural evaluations

  Medical unit & Lumbar puncture program

  • Dr. Simon Ducharme – McGill Profile
  • Dr. John Breitner – Douglas Research Centre
  • Dr. Pierre Étienne (Former member)
  • Dr. Pedro Rosa-Neto – Lab website
    • Data Safety and Monitoring Boards (DSMB) for INTREPAD trial and DEPEND trial
    • Consulting physicians

 Data Management and Open Science Initiatives

  • Dr. Alan Evans (ACE lab)
    • Coordinating team: Samir Das, Cécile Madjar, Justin Kat, Jennifer Tremblay-Mercier & Stephanie Dyke


  International collaborations

  Collaboration with private companies

This project relied on a dedicated and talented team of research nurses, research assistants, graduate students and on the partnership with the pharmacy & laboratory departments of the Douglas Institute as well as the Cerebral Imaging Center of the  Douglas Research Center.

For a full list of the members of the PREVENT-AD Research Group click HERE