Follow-up of Memory tests

At the StoP-Alzheimer Center, when we administer neuropsychological tests as part of our research, we strictly follow the results of those tests. We are committed to making the appropriate checks to detect potential cases of decline in cognitive functions over time or results below the norms for age. In some cases, it may be worthwhile to use a memory clinic to get an expert opinion.

Memory clinics located at the Douglas:

Moe Levine Memory Clinic
Pavillon Moe Levin Pavilion salle / Room A-0145
6875 boul. LaSalle Blvd.
Verdun QC H4H 1R3

Telephone: 514-761-6131 # 2702 Fax: 514-888-4451

McGill University Research Center for Studies in Aging
6825 LaSalle Boulevard
Verdun (QC) H4H 1R3

Telephone: 514-766-2010 – Fax: 514-888-4050
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