Frequently Asked Questions

How to participate in research?

Unfortunately, recruitment has been suspended since 2017. We are not taking on new people in our study at the moment. You can still send an email to our coordinator Jennifer ( to be on our recall list, once recruitment reopens.

I have concerns for myself or a loved one related to memory or fear of developing Alzheimer’s disease, what should I do?

There are several memory clinics across Quebec. These are specialized clinics and you must have on hand a request for consultation from your family doctor to have an appointment. The first step is to talk to your family doctor, who is able to do certain screening tests. By mutual agreement you may or may not request a consultation in a memory clinic.

Can I know the results of my research evaluations?

The majority of experimental results are not shared with research participants, for example, precise measurements of brain structures, or protein levels in the cerebrospinal fluid. However, if the research team discovers a result that could potentially impact your health and if medical monitoring is indicated, it is our duty to inform you (for example, a mass detected during an MRI, high blood cholesterol levels, etc.). In addition, a systematic review of the results of memory tests is carried out by our team and when the results decline over time or are below expectations, we engage a discussion with the person to determine whether it is appropriate to refer to a memory clinic.

What is the procedure to collect samples of cerebrospinal fluid by lumbar puncture in a research context?

We invite you to visit this short video which explains the technique developed at the StoP-Alzheimer Center: video

Where should I go if I want to donate my brain?

At the Douglas Institute, we have the largest active brain bank in Canada. To make a donation, you must be part of a research study and a specific consent must be signed. If you are part of our cohort you can contact our coordinator Jennifer, otherwise, you can contact the Douglas-Bell Canada Brain Bank directly at  1-866-930-0291 (toll free line), or 514-761-6131 # 3496 for local calls. You can also visit their website.

Where should I contact if I want to donate money to the StoP-Alzheimer Center?

On the Douglas Foundation website, press ‘donate’. You will receive a tax receipt by email within a few minutes. You must send them another email afterward to specify that this donation is intended for the StoP-Alzheimer Center since there is no place in the online form to indicate. You can also simply call and give your credit card number and specify directly on the phone that the donation is for the StoP-Alzheimer Center. You can give your email or postal address to get the tax receipt. Foundation phone number: 514 762-3003

Still haven’t answered your questions?

Jennifer, your research coordinator, will be happy to assist you. Here are its coordinates :


Phone: 514-761-6131 # 3329 Toll free: 1-855-888-4485 Fax: 514-888-4060

Perry Building, room E-2209

6875, boul. La Salle

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